Only 10 cents per call, text messages for 5 cents
and the fastest 4G mobile internet

Enjoy the freedom of O2 Voľnosť and don't bother with counting minutes during your calls.
No strings attached, just simple prepay SIM card.

Experience O2 Voľnosť

Make a call
for just 10 cents

Even if you call for an hour,
it still costs only 10 cents per call
within the European Union.

Text message
5 cents

Send text messages within
the European Union for 5 cents
per message.

1 GB of data
5 €

Pay only 5 € and enjoy
1 GB of mobile internet
in widest 4G LTE network.

Karta O2 Voľnosť s kreditom 2 €

O2 Voľnosť prepay card
with 2 € credit

Get O2 Voľnosť precharged with 2 €
starting credit for only 2 €.

Prinesieme ju priamo k vám domov

How to top up
O2 Voľnosť prepaid card

Just visit any of our stores
and let us handle it. You
can pay with cash or
common types of payment

Buy O2 Voľnosť for just 2 € in our stores

Our stores are based in mostly visited shopping places in Bratislava and are open 7 days a week.
Find one nearby in list or map below.


Get 1 GB of data for 30 days
or 250 MB for one day

1 GB
for 30 days

Get 1 GB of mobile internet
and use it within 30 days.
If you run out of data
you can easily renew it.

1 GB / 5 €

To activate send text message VOLNET A to 99222. To deactivate send VOLNET D.


250 MB of mobile data for
0,50 €, which you can use
during one day.

250 MB / 0,50 €

To activate just turn on mobile internet on your device and start browsing internet.